Canine Detection Service

Specialist Dog Training Services

With more than 20 years experience, including seventeen years within the South Australian government, you can be assured of the highest quality training delivered to you and your dog. We come to you for all training programs, or take advantage of our Board and Train option.

Canine Detection Service offers a range of dog training options;

Private Pet Owner

Private pet owner training includes:

  • Basic dog obedience - On-lead - walk to heel, sit, drop, stay, recall
  • Advanced dog obedience - Off-lead, walk to heel, sit, drop, stay, recall, hand signals
  • Dog behaviour - problem solving - jumping up, barking, chewing, digging

Organisations and Security Industry

Training working dogs for the Organisation and Security Industry is a specialty of Canine Detection Service.

Working dog specialty training includes:

  • Detection - Drugs, explosives, flares, firearms, fire accelerants
  • Handler Protection - Ideal for organisations specialising in venue crowd control
  • Patrol Dogs - Highly versatile applications, however well suited to residential and commercial property protection
  • Tracking - Highly specialised skills, primarily suitable for service dogs

Working Dog Services

With a broad range of training options, we also offer further flexibility by offering to train your existing dog, or we can offer services in locating and training suitable working dogs for you.