Canine Detection Service

Board and Training Service

Canine Detection Service offers full quality board and on-site training to approved clients.

Boarding includes:

  • Individual kennels with yard access 24/7 (subject to weather conditions)
  • Daily exercise by trained dog handler
  • High quality dog food provided
  • Obedience and behaviour training available
  • Board and Train rates are independent of dog size/breed
  • No additional charges for late pick-ups
  • Stays of more than 7 days also receive 1 x free wash and groom service prior to pick-up

Board only (daily rates)

  • Small dog - $15 per day
    e.g.Maltese Terrier, Beagle, Jack Russell
  • Medium Dog - $17 per day
    e.g. Blue Heeler, Labrador, Border Collie
  • Large Dog - $20 per/day
    e.g. German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Doberman

Pick up & drop-off rates

Dogs can be picked up and returned to their owner at the conclusion of their stay:

  • Within 10km - free of charge
  • Within 10-20km - $20
  • Greater than 20km - by negotiation

Board & Train (total rates)

  • Basic - 10 days Board and Train - $400
    Training included: On-lead walk to heel, sit, drop, stay
  • Intermediate - 15 days Board and Train - $500
    Training included; On-lead and Off-lead walk to heel, sit, drop, stay, recall

Specialised (Organisations and Security Industry)

  • Detection - P.O.A.
  • Handler Protection - P.O.A.
  • Patrol Dog - P.O.A.
  • Tracking - P.O.A.
  • General Purpose (includes Detection, Handler Protection, Patrol, Building/Area Searching and Tracking) - P.O.A.