Canine Detection Service

Canine Detection Service is 100% Australian owned and operated.

With more than twenty years' experience in dog training within the government and private sectors,
Canine Detection Service offers the highest quality of Canine Training available.

Specialising in;

  • Obedience and behaviour training
  • Training for the detection of drugs, explosives, flares, firearms, fire accelerants
  • Handler protection training
  • Patrol and guard dog training
  • Tracking training
  • Supply and training of therapy dogs for the disabled
  • Supply and training of assistant dogs
  • Dog training workshops
  • Dog training courses for those who wish to become dog trainers

Canine Detection Service also offers programs outside of dog training, including;

  • Welfare and management of dogs
  • Dog awareness lectures for schools and clubs
  • Board and train services (to approved clients)
  • Assistance to a number of dog rescue charities

Professional References

Mr S. Crompton (Squad Leader, Emergency Response Group, Yatala Labour Prison)

"I have known Bob for over 20 years, both professionally and personally. I have always found him to be loyal and trustworthy and always striving to be one of the best in his field, which in my opinion he has achieved. Whether in the security industry or in the breeding and training of dogs. I would have no hesitation in recommending Bob for any of your canine training needs."

Mr. M. Foster (Custodial Specialist Dog Handler, Operations Security Unit, SA Government)

"I have known and worked with Bob for well over 15 years. Bob possesses many professional years of experience as a Dog Handler. He genuinely cares about dogs and their well being. He is equipped with the skills that are needed to help people train their dogs and have great fun while doing it. His training demonstrates an amazing understanding of dogs. Bob is able to provide excellence in training so that dog owners can understand their dogs accordingly. He provides easy strategies that are extremely effective."

Mr. G. Birch

"In 1990 Bob Yeo obtained a position with the South Australian Correctional Dog Squad, to which I was the Officer-in-Charge responsible for the training of Handlers and their Dogs in the fields of Obedience, Drug, Article and area searching, Tracking and Aggression Work. Bob always gave his training and duties as a Dog Handler 100%. Over the years he has shown to me that he was not just the average Dog Handler, but one that was keen to extend his knowledge of working and pet dogs and their training. In the field of training dogs, whether it is in Detection, Security or family pet, the methods of training are always changing, therefore a dog handler should always be willing to listen, learn and try. Bob not only has this ability, but is still as keen and enthusiastic as the day he started training dogs. I would not hesitate in recommending Bob for all your dog training requirements."

Mr. S. Whitbread

"Bob Yeo was my initial trainer and mentor when I commenced as a Dog Handler with Correctional Services. I found that he was very knowledgeable and an excellent trainer. This resulted in my long term partnership with the two service dogs I had throughout my employment with the Service. I have the utmost respect for the capabilities of Bob Yeo and would not hesitate to employ his services again outside of the Service."